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Product Review: Bella Terra Cosmetics

Ladies put down the armor because the battle is over! I have finally found the perfect makeup product that every woman should know about. It’s called Bella Terra Cosmetics. Now I have to preface by saying that I don’t like spending a lot of money on makeup. I’ve been using the same Covergirl mascara and Mary Kay Bronzer since the summer and up until now I was satisfied. But ever since I discovered Bella Terra Cosmetics, I’ve had a definite change of heart.

My mom came home one day with this huge set of makeup and I thought she was crazy because she’s got boxes of makeup in her own cabinet. Now, the curious daughter that I am took a look at it and I instantly fell in love. There was bronzer, blush, lip balm , foundation, and brushes. Everything a girl needs. Now I don’t like using a lot of makeup but with Bella Terra Cosmetics, you don’t need much at all! The great thing about Bell Terra is its rich mineral composition. I have to admit I was skeptical about trying mineral makeup because the last mineral blush I had spilled all over the place and it got all over my clothes. Not with Bella Terra. The brushes are well designed so nothing comes off. Ever heard of a lipstain ladies? This gorgeous mineral makeup uses the same concept. The minerals are light weight so it doesn’t leave your skin oily like most makeup products do and it gives flawless coverage. Now when I say you don’t need a lot to apply, I mean it. Just BARELY a dap of the brush and you’ve got enough to cover your whole face. I think it’s amazing. I’m so satisfied with it, I no longer use my old makeup. I personally have very olive skin so I’m a huge fan of the bronzer. However, if you are more of a blush person, not to worry! Bella Terra has gorgeous shades of blush that blend in for every skin tone. Worried you won’t find the right color for you? Don’t because Bella Terra has vibrant natural shades that compliment your unique skin tones all the same time.

Not only does Bella Terra have amazing products for your cheeks, they also have stuff for the eyes, lips, and “mixing products”. I can’t even begin to describe the rich variety of colors they have. From neutrals, to plums, to brights and even those dark sultry colors, Bella Terra has it all. And the best part? The actual product can turn into almost anything! For example, I use the mineral bronzer on my face, but when I put a little bit into the lip balm and stir it around I now have matching lip color! It truly is fantastic. With these beautiful products I’m never without color. With the shimmers you can create: creamy shadow, eye liner, nail polish, mascara, matte shadow, lip color, body glitter, and hair streaks. In addition to this already fabulous line of products they also come equipped with the perfect line of skin care. Every lady knows that makeup brings out the blemishes, acne, and oil but with the Bella Terra skin care products you can wear the blush, lip color, eye shadow, mascara and more and not feel guilty. Bella Terra really has it all!

Now makeup can get pretty up there in price but for the highest quality, variety of color, and multiuse of the product Bella Terra cosmetics is the perfect investment. Who can say no to a product that’s lip color, blush, nail polish, and mascara and much more all in one? Bella Terra’s products range from 5.99 to 69.99. Now I know the seed of doubt is in the background but trust me ladies IT’S WORTH IT! My mom loves it, I haven’t stopped raving about it, and I know you will love it once you try it. For more information and pricing go to their website You won’t be disappointed! I’m giving this a NoBullBrand rating of 10!

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